The ASAIB Executive Committee has decided to introduce a Mentorship Scheme in order to assist indexers gain confidence and competency in indexing.


The mentorship will not provide a course in indexing, but will build upon previous coursework done in indexing training by ASAIB. It will enable the novice to proceed in aspects of interest to the mentee, while being assisted to gain confidence and develop their professional skills. It is thus the supervised transfer of feedback and knowledge from the mentor to the mentee while acknowledging the mentees' fields of interest and competencies.

It will thus

At the end of the mentorship, the novice indexers will have

Thereafter, if necessary, the mentee can request on-the-job assistance to monitor indexing skills in a work situation (with permission from the mentee's client).

No mentorship can be provided unless the prospective indexer has completed at least one of ASAIB's training courses in indexing.


Admission essay and test index                 R200

(screening and assessment)

Mentorship Part 1 (5 hours)                        R750

Mentorship Part 2 (5 hours)                        R750

More details will be provided upon application to enter the mentorship scheme.